great results

Delighted with the results, simple to use and no sensitivity
Yes,I recommend this product

They work!

Within a short amount of time you can see a difference, with minimal sensitivity issues, unlike some whitening products!
Yes,I recommend this product

Delighted with results

Hi, i have tried ALL of the teeth whitening products! i even take before and after pics!! these bleaching strips are by far the best bleaching product i have EVER used!! they are so easy to use. I saw results after using the 2nd strip and i didn't need to complete the full course as i was really happy with the results so i kept the remaining strips for when i need a top up!
Yes,I recommend this product

money well spent

i was abit apprehensive about spending £40 at first, but i am so happy i did as i've tried a lot of different products which just dont work as well. Within a few weeks of suing these i started noticing the difference!
Yes,I recommend this product

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