18th June 2019

Ever find yourself standing in front of the mirror wondering how you can get a brighter smile? In this blog, we explore our most FAQ’s about teeth whitening!

What are the biggest sins against white teeth?

Don’t hate us here but any dark coloured liquids like coffee, tea and red wine. Each of these contains tannins which promote teeth staining. Try to avoid smoking as cigarettes contain tar, nicotine and other chemicals that cause your teeth to turn yellow. Pay extra attention to brushing your teeth after consuming such, to help keep staining to a minimum. Where possible drink through a straw!

I have sensitive teeth, is teeth whitening asking for trouble?

Protecting your smile is just as important as protecting your skin… you wouldn’t use harmful products on your face, would you? We recommend only using properly formulated products approved by dentists. There is so much on the market, especially in terms of whitening, that offer instant results at a huge cost in terms of teeth sensitivity, as well as permanent enamel and nerve damage.

I’m a coffee addict — am I destined to have stained teeth forever?

We may be dentists but we too are coffee addicts! In saying this we both think it’s important to monitor your coffee intake if you are concerned about stains and try if possible to drink it through a straw (a bio-degradable one, of course!) If all else fails, you could always invest in our Teeth White Pen – it’s very easy to use, it actively dissolves stains and is a staple in our handbags.

I’ve had stained teeth forever, how much of an improvement can I really expect from a DIY teeth whitening?

It really all comes down to the teeth whitening kit that that you choose to invest in. The active ingredient used in dentist practices is hydrogen peroxide so this ingredient is a must. It is the only clinically proven ingredient that whitens teeth. Each individual person’s teeth will whiten differently depending on their teeth but using a properly formulated dentist approved product should give you good results without any damage to your teeth.

I’ve heard some teeth whitening products can be risky, what ingredients should we be wary of?

We recommend being wary of teeth whitening products that contain charcoal, especially if it’s activated, as it’s an abrasive mineral that can cause damage to the enamel of your teeth.

Is teeth bleaching really necessary? Do people need to have white teeth to be camera-ready nowadays?

It all boils down to the personal preference here. When it comes to being camera ready it’s not essential to have a white smile, but it can be a plus. In saying that, people who are looking to whiten their teeth are more than likely seeking to gain that confidence you may get from a brighter smile.

I know nothing about hydrogen peroxide and it sounds a bit scary, what should I know about safely using it at home?

Honestly, it’s nothing to be scared of !! Any dentist or dental health care practitioner will always tell you there needs to be a certain active peroxide ingredient in the whitening system for it to work, and we are very honest trustworthy people folks! Hydrogen peroxide is the only clinically proven ingredient to whiten teeth. The EU has very strict regulations on the sale of products containing hydrogen peroxide but once used in small amounts it is perfectly safe.


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