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26th October 2018

Spotlight Whitening is the first of its kind offering a safe and affordable solution to teeth whitening in the comfort of your own home, using the clinically proven ingredient Hydrogen Peroxide. As dentists, we see first-hand how a person’s smile really can impact their confidence. Developing Spotlight has allowed us to make teeth whitening more accessible and most importantly, safe. We have seen patients who have extreme sensitivity and damaged enamel as a result of some extreme whitening treatments and with Spotlight, we want to get the message out there that whitening is achievable and safe when done correctly.

In this blog, we want to share with you the benefits of our Spotlight range. Achieving a white smile is great but being able to maintain it is even better!


Teeth White Strips

Our Teeth White Strips are formulated using Hydrogen Peroxide – the only clinically proven ingredient to whiten teeth. Each box contains 28 strips (14 Upper & 14 Lower). So how do they work..? Our strip has a ‘super seal’ technology allowing the strip to be stuck firmly to the teeth for one hour. This super seal means that no product is lost in your mouth or saliva but instead absorbed fully by the teeth allowing for optimal whitening results. Repeat this every day for two weeks and voila, a whiter, brighter smile! Don’t worry – our strips don’t cause any sensitivity or damage your enamel.

Teeth White Paste

Not only does our toothpaste whiten teeth, but it also strengthens them using the latest advances in oral care & removes daily stains that build up before they fully stain the surface of the tooth. Our paste also contains fluoride which prevents tooth decay, so you can use it twice a week as part of your oral care routine.

Top Tip: Our Teeth White Paste is great for maintaining and enhancing the effects of our whitening strips.

Teeth White Pen
Men's Teeth White Strips

Teeth White Pen

If you are a coffee lover like us, then our pen needs to become a staple in your handbag. Unlike other pens which use a white paint-like substance to cover stains, our formula actively dissolves stains leaving long-lasting results. It’s pocket-sized so you can use it anytime, anywhere!

Men’s Teeth White Strips

Give the man in your life a reason to smile… With the same best-selling formula and super-seal strip technology, our Men’s Teeth White Strips offer a brighter smile in just 14 days. The only difference is they are larger in shape and size!


Spotlight’s Kids Toothpaste

We developed Spotlight’s Kid’s toothpaste because we wanted to support a really important children’s charity the ISPCC Childline. This amazing charity has been supporting Irish children for over 30 years now and paint-like heavily on donations from the public. We are thrilled to donate 100% of the proceeds from this product to this wonderful charity.

If you’ve any questions about any of our products feel free to message us on any of our social media channels we are always happy to help in any way we can.

Lisa & Vanessa Xx

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