Out with the old – Top Tips for losing Baby Teeth

22nd August 2018

Your child’s baby teeth fall out to make way for their permanent teeth to grow. This big milestone usually begins to happen from the age of 6 onwards. We have put together top tips to guide you through this transition and to get little teeth tooth fairy ready!

  • For some children losing their baby teeth is an exciting moment. On the other hand, others maybe concerned that it will cause them pain and become frightened. If your child is scared reassure them that it happens to everyone, and it’s part of becoming a grown-up.
  • Depending on the location of the loose tooth, certain hard foods may become
    difficult to eat i.e apples – if so cut into bite sized slices.
  • You can encourage your child to wiggle a wobbly tooth gently, but never pull out a loose tooth. Tugging on a loose tooth will only pull on the sensitive root, causing pain. When a tooth falls out, a little bit of blood may accompany it, and this is completely normal. Not to worry if the tooth falls out naturally there is usually no pain.
  •  When a tooth falls out expect a visit from the Tooth Fairy. This is the exciting part –
    place the tooth into a small box/pouch and have your child put it under their pillow.During the night the Tooth Fairy will take the tooth in exchange for a small amount
    of money.

Aftercare; When a tooth falls out the gum can become tender, to avoid irritation don’t brush too hard around the area. Once baby teeth fall out this is a great starting point to prepare your child to start brushing their teeth by themselves. Supervise them at first and ensure they are brushing morning and night, as they need to maintain good oral hygiene while their permanent teeth start to grow.

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Love Lisa & Vanessa Xx

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