Our Story

5th July 2018

Oh god? Where do we even start here!? It’s been one heck of a journey so far, but I suppose the beginning of our dentistry journey is a starting point. Lisa started the dentistry trend and I (Vanessa) followed suit going to Trinity College in Dublin to study dentistry. Lisa is seven years older than me, so she finished college first and went on to work in private clinics. She then decided to come back home to Galway. Three years after settling back in there, she opened her own practice at the age of 25…Even back then she was very entrepreneurial!!

After I finished college, I worked in a dental hospital for a year, doing public work with kids and nervous people and from there followed a similar path to my sister. I worked in private practice up in Dublin for two years before I moved back to Galway and joined her practice. Home is definitely where the heart is and I couldn’t wait to join her!

When we initially went into dentistry, the thought that we would end up developing and launching our own product never crossed our minds. But we started noticing that there was a particular need for a new teeth-whitening product, so we began to think outside the box about how something could be produced that’s better than the competition!

In the end, we doubled up as a “Sister Act” to achieve the goal of setting up Spotlight Whitening. We wanted to produce a professional product that was for everyone, easy to use and affordable. Of course, it was a bit different to our regular jobs, but we figured the worst thing that could happen was it wouldn’t work out. But we were willing to take the risk…It’s not that we didn’t think it would work or doubted the product or anything like that…I suppose it was more the process of setting it up and bringing it to the market that was really daunting especially since we have never done something like this before. To be honest, when it came to setting up Spotlight Whitening, we wouldn’t have done it without each other. We both bring very different aspects to the business. Lisa is very business minded and very innovative and I, on the other hand, would lead to things in terms of regulation, product development, and brand awareness. What we love the most about working together is that we can bounce ideas off each other. We really operate it on a no-holds-barred kind of basis and always say what we feel. Now saying that we are just like all sisters and do our, let’s say “moments”…. But doesn’t everyone?? But at the end of the day blood is thicker than water and we have that sisterly bond and trust that we would never take for granted.

As much as we are different be do share similarities we are both very driven and share an ambitious streak, but when you think of comparing yourself with huge multinational companies, we’re just two girls in Galway who had an idea…..But in saying that it was a challenge that we were totally up for, and we were adamant that we could make something that would be one of the best

We’re still learning every day and have come up against our fair share of hurdles. But I’m just glad we decided to get stuck in because if you don’t, you will end up psyching yourself out of it. If we had thought of all the hurdles we would have to face, who knows where we would be now…..


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