Sharp Shooting Pain & Sensitivity

27th July 2018

As dentists, sensitivity is something we get asked about on a daily basis. Especially, in the recent weeks with all the lovely summer weather, we got a lot of questions from people worrying about a “sharp, shooting pain” in the teeth, particular when consuming anything cold/hot drinks or foods.

If cold, hot, sweet or acidic foods and drinks cause you discomfort in your teeth you may have sensitive teeth. It’s definitely is the most common thing people complain about to us – don’t panic it can be avoid and we are going to outline in this blog how.


  • Overbrushing; Yes – this is really a thing. It can cause your gums to recede which exposes the weaker/more sensitive root of the teeth and it is not as protect as enamel
  • Sweet/Acidic Foods; We are not saying give up your weekly sweet treats but be mindful of your consumption of sugary food, fizzy drinks – anything carbonated really, and acidic fruits such as apples,oranges, strawberries etc. Consuming large amount of these foods can lead to tooth decay or erosion which exposes your teeth to sensitivity.



  • Look for toothpastes that have the active ingredient Potassium Nitrate in them, such as Sensodyne pronamel as it is designed to combat sensitivity.
  • Smear a layer of Sensodyne over your teeth – leave it overnight. Do this for a week or two and this will reduce the sensitivity that you are usually experiencing.
  • When you are brushing your teeth be mindful not to overbrush- stick to brushing twice a day and use a soft-bristled brush.
  • If you are at all concerned about sensitivity book an appointment with your local dentist. Follow our advice and don’t let sensitive teeth interfere with your daily life.

Extra Advice

  • Avoid charcoal toothpaste as it an abrasive and will cause abrading on the outside of the tooth’s surface.
  • If you usually experience sensitive teeth when eating ice cream, try to savory it by licking it rather than bite straight into it, this will definitely help the sensation.

Try to avoid putting extra syrups or caramel on your ice cream –

*Disclaimer We know it’s easier said than done!


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