Smiling into the Summer….

25th July 2018

Holiday season is finally here and in full swing! Once you have your summer holiday booked the excitement starts, and so does the sheer panic of starting your holiday prep. This is closely followed by the endless day dreaming of being by the poolside with a refreshing cocktail and then snapping back into the reality of watching the count-down clock until it’s time for you to actually jet away

Of course we all love escaping from reality from time to time, either on a holiday, weekend getaway, or even just a simple city break. The only thing is these days, it’s a struggle to decide what exactly has the privilege of occupying that precious space in our suitcase. Having the essentials without eating into your baggage allowance has proven to be somewhat of a challenge

So, why are we painting you this picture? Well we value all the queries from our customers and often get asked ‘Do we have a smaller version of our toothpaste available?’. Look no further, your prayers have been answered! We even decided to go the extra mile just for you!! Like our fellow spotlighters, we travel very often, especially with work, and we felt that creating a travel paste was a brilliant idea but creating a travel kit that can be easily used to whiten your teeth, when on the go was a no brainer! We also thought that the kit should be comprehensive, so that it wouldn’t take up that precious packing space and at the same time keeping your smile gleaming while you travel….

Conveniently, we launched our travel friendly kit right on time for the summer!!

So what does the Travel Kit contain? All the essentials really, including 4 award winning Teeth White Strips, Teeth White Paste 25ml and a Spotlight toothbrush, which is plenty to smile about. Having our travel kit in your suitcase will definitely keep your smile sparkling in the sunshine.

Where can you get yours?We are very excited and delighted to partner up with Boots for the exclusive launch of our Teeth White Travel Kit. The kit can be purchased in Boots stores across Ireland and online on their website. It is available for only €9.99 – so don’t miss out!!



So get that smile bright, white and ready to shine with us this summer.

Be sure to tag us in your holiday snaps and make us all jealous!!

Lisa & Vanessa xx

The Colosseum, Rome
Holiday Essentials
Dubrovnik, Crotia

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