Spotlight Spreads More Smile For the ISPCC Childline

26th April 2019

We are very excited to announce that we are ‘Spreading More Smiles’ again this year relaunching our Spotlight Kids Toothpaste which now comes with a FREE kids character toothbrush, for a limited time only. More importantly with every purchase of our paste 100% of the profits go directly to the children’s charity, ISPCC ChildLine



We are delighted to be able to create a practical products in aid of Childline with 100% of the profits going directly to the ISPCC. This is an amazing Irish charity which raises over 90 per cent of its income through fundraising, so we are thrilled to be involved. The sale of Spotlight’s Kids Toothpaste & Toothbrush will raise vital funds and awareness for Ireland’s national active listening service for children and young people. Childline receives over 380,000 calls each year from children and young people who often feel they have nowhere else to turn.
Spotlight Kids Toothpaste, priced at €3.95, contains fluoride to protect against cavities, strengthen enamel and ensure gentle cleaning, while the mild mint flavour won’t overwhelm little taste buds!
Spotlight Limited Edition Kids Toothbrush is the perfect partner to our Spotlight Kids Toothpaste. The ultra-soft bristles allow your little ones to brush gently between their teeth to effectively remove plaque. As a dentist, I see children all the time and often I ask them about brushing their teeth. It isn’t the coolest thing in the world so this fun and brightly coloured toothpaste and character toothbrush should help encourage them.”

The most common question parents ask us is how to get their children to brush their teeth. If your child is resistant to brushing their teeth at the start, it’s completely normal, it’s a foreign concept to them, they don’t understand why or what you are trying to do but keep persisting with it. Do it at the same time every day, morning and night – routine is key.

Our Kids Toothbrush has a non-slip handle that provides grip for better control. The round brush head fits smoothly and comfortably when brushing and is gum friendly so won’t be harsh or uncomfortable on little gums.
Our Spotlight Kids Toothpaste is priced at €3.95 and comes with the FREE kid’s toothbrush, and is now available from pharmacies nationwide and online.

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