Spotlight Whitening Turns Two

28th September 2018

Where have the last two years even gone to? If you told us two years ago where Spotlight Whitening would be to today, we definitely wouldn’t have believed it!

We want to take this opportunity to THANK everyone who has supported us, bought our product and helped us along the way. We especially wanted to thank the wonderful ladies within the Irish Media industry and took a lovely press trip to Adare Manor to celebrate with us. The support from the media has been amazing and we love how supportive they are of Irish brands. Spotlight Whitening is now available in pharmacies and Boots stores in Ireland, U.K, Norway, Finland, and the U.A.E. It doesn’t stop there, we also deliver worldwide when you order from our website. Spotlight Whitening has grown from strength to strength in the past two years and there are no signs of us slowing down!


In this blog, we want to share with you 5 things we’ve learned from setting up our own business.

  1. Take the risks

We noticed a particular need for a new teeth-whitening product, so we began to think outside the box about how we could create a product that we could put our names behind and would be the best on the market. We wanted to produce a professional product that was accessible, easy to use and affordable. Of course, it was a new challenge, but we were willing to take the risk – and we are glad we did!

  1. Trust in yourself and set yourself goals

It’s not that we ever doubted our company or products, it was more the process of setting it up and bringing it to the market that was really daunting. But we trusted and believed in ourselves and we were adamant that we could make something that would be one of the best products out there. We are both very driven, ambitious and are constantly pushing ourselves each year by setting goals and surpassing them. It can be tough at the start but it’s completely worth it. It’s empowering and rewarding setting up your own business.

3. Be prepared to split your time

We don’t have a strict nine-to-five schedule – if we did, the business definitely wouldn’t work for us. We still work in our dental practice, Quay Dental Galway,  as we are passionate about our patients and love our work. We work on Spotlight Whitening outside our regular working hours so it has been – and still is – a big juggling act to manage both.  The juggling aspect is something you have to work on. With a new business, sacrifices have to be made, but family always come first. It can be tough balancing everything but once you find your feet and a routine is in place, organisation is then restore

4. Listen to your customers

As dentists, we see first-hand how a person’s smile can impact their confidence. It frustrated us to see our patients struggle to find a teeth whitening product that worked, was safe and affordable. We have seen patients who have extreme sensitivity and damaged enamel as a result of some extreme whitening treatments and with Spotlight, we want to get the message out there that whitening is achievable and safe when done correctly. We wanted to bring some excitement to the dental market and being able to add to it with effective products is our main aim. We really value our patients and customers feedback and we continually develop products based this.

  1. Don’t let hurdles set you back

We’re still learning every day and have come up against our fair share of hurdles. We spent over a year developing the correct formula before going into production. Fine-tuning the process to make sure we got what we wanted in a product was tedious but we’re just so glad we decided to get stuck in. Looking back on all the hurdles we have overcome, it’s true what they say, hard work does pay off.

Celebrating two years in business is definitely a surreal moment for us and we can’t wait to see what next year has in store for us! Watch this space, it’s only the beginning.


Lisa & Vanessa Xx


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