We have had a whirlwind beginning to our spotlight journey, and cannot thank everyone enough for all the support, whether it be buying Spotlight whitening itself or the odd like here and there on Instagram and Facebook, we have appreciated it all.

Here at Spotlight as we are a brand, new product and as such we get ask lots of different questions multiples times a day… So with that being said we have decided to do a short blog post on the weird and wonderful questions we have been asked in Spotlights little short life so far…

What is Spotlight

Spotlight whitening is a strip based hydrogen peroxide containing teeth whitening system… (and breathe). Simply speaking this is a strip you put on your top and bottom teeth(longer one on the top shorter one on the bottom J) that is placed on the teeth for at least 1 hour each day. After having the strip on the teeth for one hour brush your teeth and repeat for two weeks. It’s the first product of its kind you can buy in your pharmacy or local salon to contain hydrogen peroxide. Its been our brainchild for the last two years so we hope you love it as much we we do!!

Will spotlight whitening make my teeth sensitive?

No, generally not. Higher percentages of hydrogen peroxide whitening systems that you can get at your local dentists may for a short time, but at this low dose sensitivity is generally not an issue. With that being said, you may have an awareness that you have had something on your teeth, but not sensitive.

I have particularly sensitive teeth will my teeth be sensitive?

Again generally not. We devised spotlight whitening first in our practice for our patients who wanted to have their teeth whitening but could not stand the sensitivity it can bring. Spotlight has a gently low dose peroxide that generally does not cause sensitivity.

Why do you have to put hydrogen peroxide in whitening systems for them to be effective?

We don’t necessarily have to put hydrogen peroxide in whitening systems but, for them to work we do! Simply speaking, hydrogen peroxide or it can also be carbamide peroxide is the only effective ingredient that whitens teeth. The peroxide works by breaking down those discolourations on the outside of the tooth. Any dentist or dental health care practicioner, will always tell you there needs to be a certain active  peroxide ingredient in the whitening system for it to work, and we are very honest trustworthy people folks!!

Should I use Spotlight whitening if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

No, I would not recommend using any type of whitening treatments while breastfeeding or pregnant. When we are whitening teeth we are using active ingredients to break down those discolourations on the tooth surface and we generally avoid these agents when pregnant/breastfeeding. Instead of whitening your teeth while pregnant, I would recommend popping into your local hygienist to get those pearly whites of yours super clean. During pregnancies, your hormone levels can skyrocket which can often play havoc on your gum health, so even if you cannot get them whitened keeping them super clean will help no end!

I have veneers or a crown on my tooth? Will this brighten them?

No, no whitening systems will ever whiten veneers or crowns.! These things are made of porcelain and the colour they are is goverened by how the technician makes them in the lab that’s it! Sometimes a crown or veneer can discolour over time, this is due to the actual tooth underneath it discolouring rather than the surface stains that can build up on natural teeth.

I have veneers on my top teeth but not on the bottom should I whiten my teeth?

We have tonnes of people who have their top teeth veneered, and not their bottom. So in this case we normally recommend people using some whitening at home generally every 6 months.We do this to keep the bottom and the top teeth matched in colour, otherwise it can become noticable the lower teeth are yellower than the top veneered teeth.

How long will my teeth stay white for?

Oh how long is a piece of string, no no in saying that we generally say upto 6 months. I believe the best way you can keep your teeth nice and white is to complete one full two week course, and then top them up every 3 months with generally 5 days worth, if you want to keep them super white. Your teeth will eventually just taper back down to a creamy yellower colour again, if you decide to stop whitening your teeth.

Will it work?

Yes! and please take before and after photos of them and tag us in them so we can admire your now even more beautiful white teeth!

Where can I buy spotlight?

Spotlight is available online at www.spotlightwhitening.com, www.cloud10beauty.com and www.millies.ie. A full list of stockists can be found here.


How long does delivery take?

Delivery within Ireland can take between 3-5 working days
Delivery to the UK can take up to 7 working days.
Elsewhere will take longer.


Last orders for delivery in time for Christmas: Ire: 20th December; UK 19th December; Rest of Europe 15th December. Dismiss