We have had a whirlwind beginning to our spotlight journey, and cannot thank everyone enough for all the support, whether it be buying Spotlight whitening itself or the odd like here and there on Instagram and Facebook, we have appreciated it all.

Here at Spotlight as we are a brand, new product and as such we get ask lots of different questions multiples times a day… So with that being said we have decided to do a short blog post on the weird and wonderful questions we have been asked in Spotlights little short life so far…

What is Spotlight
Will spotlight whitening make my teeth sensitive?
Is Spotlight Cruelty-Free?
Is Spotlight Vegan-Friendly?
I have particularly sensitive teeth will my teeth be sensitive?
Why do you have to put hydrogen peroxide in whitening systems for them to be effective?
Should I use Spotlight whitening if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?
I have veneers or a crown on my tooth? Will this brighten them?
I have veneers on my top teeth but not on the bottom should I whiten my teeth?
How long will my teeth stay white for?
Will it work?
Where can I buy spotlight?
How long does delivery take?